Sunday, May 10, 2009

UPDATE: Cheaters

So it has been brought to my attention that someone posted the coordinates to every key in the hunt. In response a lot of the designers are moving their keys to a new location. We will be updating both blogs as soon as possible. It will take a little time due to the time changes so please be patient. In the meantime please help each other guys have been really awesome and we appreciate you :)

Key 1: Urban Dysfunction : *(female) Are you feeling lucky PUNK!. *(male) Check the stairway to heaven
contents of gift (female) : Flip flops and outfit

Key 2: Naeko :
*1 Outside....Under the Dark....there is always need for light... So read the sign!
contents of gift: A funky green cannon
*2 He knows when I am online, he is cute and small...
contents of gift: Neko ears and Tail
*3 Comfy and green...
contents of gift: Neko legwarms and paw pads

Key 3 : Fukmi : Take a rest, and try a little daydreaming. The key may be found this way.
contents of gift: Full female outfit with Sandals, capris, blouse and shirt.

Key 4: Lacie Cakes : All of this hunting is making me hungry - those LacieCakes CupCakes sure look good enough to eat.
contents of gift: Key Necklace with bling.

Key 5 : [42] : Don't you hate it when people leave things on the floor, especially when its near the door.
contents of gift: Skins and jewellry

Key 6 : Tyranny Designs : People leaving things on the floor, how rude! Good job the floor display keeps it shielded.
contents of gift: Skins a nd Kick me sign

Key 6b: WWI : Head up in the world and see your prize dangled before your very nose.
contents of gift: Jumpsuit bra and Panties set.

Key 7: Pretties by JB : If the shoe fits buy in in 8 different colours cause that how us ladies roll :P
contents of gift: Shoes

Key 8 : Sea Hole :
Key 1: Look upstairs, perch on a ledge, take a moment to look around.
contents of the gift: Jacket
Key 2: Ok i'm tired again, time to sit under a tree and relax
, inside trees, why do they exist?
contents of gift: Shirt and pants outfit

Key 9 : U & R Dogs : Keep your eyes open when looking at all the jewellry. This key must be made of glue, sticking like that.
contents of gift: Bracelet and Earring Set.

Key 10: Magika : I fancy a change from this outfit, let me slip into something else.
contents of gift: hair

Key 11 : BOOF : So simple your not getting a clue
contents of gift: Belt and accessories

Key 12: FROP : You feeling Lucky??
contents of gift: Earrings, flip flops and outfit

Key 13 : Petal Meg : I need to make use of these keys, prehaps something to hang things on?
contents of gift: Pendant and earrings

Key 14 : LiquidCandy : Nom nom nom This is so bad for my health but i Just can't resist
contents of gift: furnished skybox and lots of furniture and fun items.

Key 15 : EMA's
: Sit and relax by the fire
contents of gift: Dress

Key 16 : Rave Nation : I love wedged flip flop things, they are fab don't you think!
contents of gift: Skin and Dress

Key 17 : Mudhoney Designs : It's a gift
contents of gift: Vintage Trunk

Key 18 : AIMESI design : Don't stray from the door and you won't go wrong.
contents of gift: Beanbag, dress and shoes

Key 19 : Angel Dessous
: Its straightforward!
contents of gift: Lingerie

Key 20: Atomic : (fem) Take a seat, check out the skins. (male) Check the desk, be studious, careful of the signs hiding it.
contents of gift: Skins

Key 21 : Stuff :
I love hunting, in hotpants and knee high socks :)
contents of gift: Shoes, hair and outfit

Key 22 : Chicaholic : Head to the right store, then admire the till (cash register for you yanks) area, look in boxes, it may be hiding.
contents of gift: Denim outfit

Key 23 : Trinity Moon Designs : I hate it when they dangle things in your face, tormenting you,
contents of gift: Necklaces

Key 24 : Self Expression: Don't fear the Reaper, he's nice really, looks after keys very well, but wants your soul!
Contents of gift: Sex Rug

Key 25 : CnS : Pulled Out of the hunt..move on to Deviant Designs

Key 26: Deviant Designs: Behold the giant shoe! The Key is up on high, climb to get a better view.
contents of gift: Shoes

Key 27: Heart and Sole : Shoe chairs are comfortable to sit on
contents of gift: Shoes

Key 28 : Acid and Mala : Take a strole up in the world then take a seat on the sofa, catch your breath.
contents of the gift : Urban outfit.

Key 29 : NUSHRU : Subscribe to me!
Contents of the gift: Whole Outfit

Key 30: DYN : These "funky" dungarees/overalls and hoodies are so nice looking, not far from those funky jeans with a leg missing, perhaps the dungaries can lend a leg!

contents of the gift: Dress

Key 31: NAIVE:
Hoodies and shorts, they keep it safe.
Contents of the gift: Selection of clothing

Key 32 : Genesis : Illuminating Key, look up.
contents of the gift: Watches

Key 33 : Urban Outfitters : Pulled out of the hunt, there is no key, move on to 34

Key 34 : mouse*trap : These boots were made for walking, and thats just what they'll do... One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!
Contents of the gift : Whole outfit with shoes

Key 35 : NSD : Ugg.... these boots are rocking it! Keys feel safer up not down.
Contents of the gift : Grenade chain

Key 36 : Cuppycake : Don't you love cup cakes, nom nom.
Contents inside the gift: Beach outfit.

Key 37 : Sassy Kitty Designs : Demon cat holds the answers.
contents of the gift: Denim Dress

Key 38: Catnip :
Alices garden party is starting, tea time for two has some treasure for you.
Contents of the gift : Random items.

Key 39 : LINE : Rob the till (cash register)!

Contents givenin gift : Belt, jewellry and outfit

Key 40: BOOM : This ones hard, so more direct instruction, back left of the store, its shelved but make sure you cam well or you will never find it.
Contents in the gift: Dress

Key 41 : 4eva Guttia : This key has lots of stytle, subscribe to it!
Contents of the gift: Full outfit

Key 42 : Unzipped : Check the crouching man, he holds what your looking for.

Contents of the gift: Outfit

Key 43: Shinji Accessories : Check behind upstairs displays

Contents of the gift: Sneakers

Key 44: Cipria Couture: Make sure you have your pass on, if not well, you need 200L

Contents of the gift: Full outfit

Key 45: Humby Designs : Bunny death, its painful and seems to render keys!
Contents of the gift: Cap

Key 46: Fear and Clothing : The Lucky chair can see your prize but can you?

Contents of the gift: Necklace and outfit

Key 47: Princess Gear: Hung up, as you would with any key, store side of the doors
Contents of the gift: Doll Key

Key 48: Virus Co. : Sit and watch the TV

Contents of the Gift: Boots

Key 49 :
Juice : Everyone loves cereal, even keys
Contents of the Gift: Outfit

Key 50: Rasetsukoku : *click* goes the lock, but why so small, i need alices magic potion!
Contents of Gift: Outfit

Key 50B : Luxory Lounge... Im not giving a LM to this as you can work for it!
NOTE Make sure you wear the golden pass from the 50b folder
Content of final gifts (there are several): Not telling :P